Комнатные растения

Ex.14. Insert prepositions or adverbs where necessary. Retell the text.

Soft tissues

The skin … the mouth, i.e. the red tissue covering the cheeks, floor of the mouth, palate and tongue etc., is called mucous membrane. It contains many tiny glands which contribute … the lubricating and cleansing functions … saliva. The space between the teeth and mucous membrane lining the cheeks and lips is called the buccal sulcus.

The soft palate is a flap … soft tissue attached … the back of the hard palate. Its function is to seal off the oral cavity … the nasal cavity during swallowing in order to prevent food passing up … the nose.

Ex.15. Choose the anatomical terms from the box for the following definitions:

1.A natural hollow place within the body. 2. The movable muscular structure attached to the floor of the mouth in most vertebrates(хребетні).: it is an important organ in the ingestion of food, the perception of taste, and, in humans, the articulation of speech sounds 3. Either of the two fleshy folds forming the edges of the mouth. 4. The lower jaw of a vertebrate 5. In vertebrates, the upper jaw 6. The thin, watery, slightly viscid (в’язка) fluid secreted by the salivary glands 7. The roof of the mouth, consisting of a hard, bony forward part

saliva, lips, tongue, mandible, cavity, maxilla, hard palate

Ex.16. Read the text, give the plan of it.

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